Whether you lived in Arizona for a short amount of time or your entire life, you have likely realized that there are several dangerous roads throughout the state packed with 18-wheeler semis hauling heavy-duty loads. If you’ve been in an accident involving one of these trucks, you can turn to the team at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law for help. As your Phoenix truck accident attorneys, we will take all of the necessary steps to ensure you are legally and financially protected. During an initial investigation of the accident, we will employ every method available to support your claim, including calling in an accident reconstruction specialist and utilizing our experienced private investigator.

Federal and state law requires truck drivers to keep accurate records of hours worked, miles traveled and rest time. We will examine the log books, looking for evidence that the truck driver did not get the required amount of rest. When trucking companies skimp on truck maintenance, leading to brake failure or a tire blowout, they should have to pay for the damages and injury. When trucking companies overload a truck causing a serious accident, they can be held responsible.

The insurance companies that represent trucking companies can be some of the most difficult to work with. Even if a truck driver falls asleep and hits a motorist, the insurance carrier often will not offer to settle the claim with fair compensation. That’s why you need attorneys with decades of experience representing your claim. You can get started today for free by giving us a call at 602-535-1900.

Our legal team can assist both truck drivers and other drivers on the road who have been involved in a truck accident. Your health and financial security are very important to us, which is why we won’t rest until you get the compensation you deserve. From wrongful death claims to compensation for lost wages, you can count on us to offer unparalleled results throughout every case.

The attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon will fight to hold negligent trucking companies accountable. On the other hand, if a roadway design defect or negligent highway construction or maintenance causes a truck accident, both the truck driver and the injured motorist may have a claim against the governmental agency responsible. There are different time limits for these cases, so act now.